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The Divine Feminine who sees the Sacred in all is covering the planet with Her Presence. She lives within all of us, both male and female, but those who seek Her in the Silence within are being filled with Her healing frequency that will open the portal to a World that honors Life and our connection to all of Creation... Art by Kinuko Y. Craft: Galadriel

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The Ranger, signed giclee print


Beleg Strongbow was a Sindarin Elf who served in the army of King Thingol of Doriath. Together with Mablung he is one of the great captains of Thingol and was a member of the party in the legendary hunt of the great wolf Carcharoth. Beleg becomes the mentor, steadfast friend and brother-in-arms of Túrin Turambar. (Silmarillion / Children of Hurin)

Elf couple :) I love fantasy couples!! Augh! I wanna live in a DnD style world :(

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