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  • Janet Little

    swirls garden path - wow! neat page with tons of pictures/garden ideas, site is in Russian.

  • Sharla Stefanovich

    Wow, this would be magical in a garden garden pathways, stone paths, swirl, garden paths, pebble mosaic, rock, spiral, backyard, stone walkways

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If i dont live in the city, i want to live somewhere where i can go on lonnnnnggg walks :)

looks like they made smaller stepping stones with the designs and then placed them together and filled it in Love It!

You will need a lot of stones and some knee pads but,this path is AWESOME!!!

slate walkway patterns | beautiful slate pebble path by lila

Oooo a snake wondering through the garden . . . Stone Pathways Mosaic Garden Design

How to turn smooth, flat stones into a whimsical outdoor pebble mosaic of your own design. | Photo: Kolin Smith |

another garden gate with an inviting path.

You don't have to have water to have beautiful stepping stones. This perfect example of zen comes from a garden in Tokyo. Check out the website for more great ideas and tips.

This style of paving,called crazy paver is great for when you don't have enough of any one material or just cant make up your mind which to use!

SBG thinks this is shows the result of tile sample gathering - beg them off stores or dumpster dive behind them. Amazing how much ceramic tile gets tossed.