I'm so in love with this tattoo!!

Back Piece tattoo. Artist: Rom Azovsky Fox / foxtattoo / angel / wings / nature / fly away -- this tattoo is gorgeous and all but right now all I can think of is "what does the fox say?" But still, absolutely beautiful.

Tattoos are art of the soul

Tattoos are art of the soul

Great fox design around a great Foo Fighters quote. David Hale - "Breathe out so I can breathe you in"

I wish I had one like that

Derek Matherne at Southern Sting Tattoo Parlor in Larose, Louisiana. --I love the stained glass idea. Not necessarily the mermaid part though.

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This is a good idea. Some in black outline and some in color.I love color but I think a fully colorful vivid piece so big would be too much for my eyes personally.

A tattoo you wont soon forget: reading-is-fun:  Scratch the surface of a reader….

If you are a tattoo lover so, here we have collected most creative and cool tattoo designs for your inspiration. You can get ideas from this collection.

I will get something like this eventually :) for dad "Lone Wolf"

Wolf tattoo with wolf looking through paw print. I would love to do this with Moose's face through the paw print.

Zo mooi. Ik vind het super dat ze in plaats van strakke lijnen deze tattoo een beetje schets achtig hebben gemaakt. Is weer wat anders. Ook vind ik de speelse vlakverdeling op de dieren zelf er leuk uit zien.

"When the fox hears the rabbit cry, she comes running but not to help" work in progress by tattoo artist Nomi Chi. LOVE LOVE LOVE this tat so much.

Shel Silverstein's signature and a poem from his book  Every Thing On It

"there are no happy endings. endings are the saddest part, so just give me a happy middle and a very happy start." -Shel Silverstein Maybe not as a tattoo, but I love the quote

Tatouage femme plume d oiseau avec coeur

plume d oiseau avec coeur

"Hope is the thing with feathers. It perches in the soul and sings the tunes without words and never stops at all" emily dickinson BIRD instead of heart!