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The Beluga Whale also called The White Whale can mostly be found in Artic waters and become their brilliant white color around 5 yrs. of age. They are considered a smallish whale between 13-20' long and live 35-50 yrs. in the wild. They should never be kept in captivity.... it is inhumane and unjust. All whales should have the roam of the ocean!

here's looking at you, kid...and what I'm wondering is wouldn't this make a great set of marbles?

This happy animal exists...the Quokka. It can be found on some smaller islands off the coast of Western Australia, in particular on Rottnest Island just off Perth.

A circus is a horrible place for an animal. They deserve to be treated with kindness and respect, and live the free lives nature intended. Boycott Circuses with exotic animals

Caribou wonderful bokeh photography. ••••(KO) The big guy is sleepy. Needs a nap.

Okapi Legs by MrManFitz, via Flickr

Albino deer. See Over 2000 more animal pictures on my Facebook "Animals Are Awesome" page. animals wildlife pictures nature fish birds photography

Desert Elephants In Namibia

Believe it or not, vultures are endangered in some parts of the world. In India and Nepal, vulture populations have declined dramatically in the past ten or 15 years, possibly due to drugs used by vets. When the vultures eat dead animals that have been treated with certain drugs, it kills them too.