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"You scorpion woman!" "Want to throw down in fisticuffs?" "Let's dance, dickweed" "I sculpt my guns at the office" "San Diego" "You eat that cat poop" ... yeah, i could literally quote the whole movie so i'll just stop here

Magnet Tiles Quotes: Of All Things I Miss

A unique gift for someone with European roots. This charming quality decorative magnetic tile features the saying: "Of all the things I lost I miss my mind the most." - Approximate Dimensions (Length

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Music makes the world go round (24 photos)

I love the feeling of knowing that my music will always be there for me when others can't. When something happens and i need to escape from every bogy i just put on my headphones and every things fine. When i listen to music i feel like i know my favorite artists. I LOVE MUSIC ! :-)