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Chris Hemsworth - whenever I look at him I see Jamie Fraser...those perfect slanted eyes. Yep, without a doubt. If you haven't read Outlander yet, I highly suggest it.

Chris Hemsworth. What Markus Alexander might look like: from The Last King, a fantasy/romance novel by A. Yamina Collins

It had to happen someday because... um... Chris Hemsworth. Enough said. Another fairytalish character

Chris Hemsworth~ he reminds me of a young Brad Pitt~ Gorgeous and talented

Chris Hemsworth (a.k.a - Thor, God of Thunder)

Oh hello Chris Hemsworth. My, what a piercing gaze you have, and what very firm muscles. Shall I also mention the scruffy, "just came in from a day of manual labour" look really, really wears well on you.

CHRIS HEMSWORTH = Christian Grey!!!! So hotter want to touch the hinny!