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My heart melts when I see this picture! My daughter isn't quite old enough to start dance classes yet, but I think she would love it when she's that age. I can definitely see her being a little ballerina!

Pinterest: L o v e l y L i f e 4 3 7 ...Little girl with white cat. This reminds me of when I was little with my white cat

Liza Minnelli @Lara Cupit -- uhmmm this looks just like you when you were a tiny dancer!

How precious. Dancing begins at a young age and to be a Class A dancer lots of long hours. This is when they find out if they truly love dance.

Love the baby ballerinas!...Little ballerina with bouquet of roses • photo: YanaChu on deviantart

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. ~ Martha Graham If I ever have a little girl I want this picture with her!