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1938 Phantom Corsair

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littlebunnysunshine: “ this may be the most beautiful vehicle i’ve ever seen. 1938 Phantom Corsair “The Phantom Corsair is a six-passenger coupé prototype automobile built in Designer Rust Heinz.

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Finished in this legendary masterpiece was christened as “Duesenberg Coupé Simone Midnight Ghost.” It was both the longest Duesenberg and the last one delivered;

The 1938 Phantom Corsair

The 1938 Phantom Corsair

The 1938 Phantom Corsair (prototype) by Rust Heinz for the Rust Heinz / Maurice Schwartz Coachbuilding Company

1936 Delahaye 135M Figoni & Falaschi Competition Coupe

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1936 Delahaye Figoni and Falaschi Competition Coupe. Jim Patterson/The Patterson Collection, Louisville, KY. Photograph © 2013 Peter Harholdt -- Sensuous Steel: Art Deco Automobiles - Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Slick Car Concepts by 600v

The Ford GT

Any car lover simply goes crazy when seeing a super slick car concept. To imagine the thrill of driving such a cool concept is just awesome.


red-lipstick: “ Michael Heilemann - Phantom Corsair Concept, 1938 Photography The Phantom Corsair is an automobile prototype from It is a six-passenger coupe that was designed by Rust Heinz, a.

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1955 Bisiluro - designed by Carlo Mollino for the 1955 LeMans endurance race.

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Alfa Romero B. Concept Cars sports cars American sports car Luxury & sports cars to debut at Shanghai *Sports cars, engines* - Mercedes

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karl schlör, 1939 schlörwagen pillbug, drag coefficient of due to the start of WWII this car was not produced; the only one made was confiscated by the British after the war and never seen again

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Stout Scarab 1935 / World's first production minivan -w the Ford-built engine in the rear of the vehicle. - by Stout Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan

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Karl Schlör and his invention, the incredibly aerodynamic 1939 Schlörwagen Pillbug. The car achieved an impressive drag coefficient (Cd) of unbelievably low even for today. Due to the start of WWII this car was not produced, and the only one made

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1958 FORD X-2000. 1956 OLDSMOBILE GOLDEN ROCKET - Buscar con Google

Ford Concept Car 1958 Ford Concept Car 1958 Photo 04 – Car in pictures - car photo gallery

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Urban decor, like quote blocks (Interserve Outcomes) is cute and decreate for…