Place rubber band around letters to hold them together - duh - I can't believe I didn't think of it!

Tips for stamping individual letters together to make a word without it becoming messy. Why didn't I think of this. So many messed up words.

Bottle caps, glue on foam stickers. Instant stamps. Cheap too!

cork stamping create stamp form styro and glue to cork

thank you stamp card (Impress Rubber Stamps) - I like the way this was stamped (fern stamp?)

Put a glue top on acrylic paint bottle and you can write with it. (sigh)...another "duh" moment.

DIY envelope

Duh... why didn't I think of that? :) Super idea!

Great idea!

I am so glad I just saw this. Make raised letters for craft projects: print out the font you want and place wax paper over it. Trace letters with puffy paint, let dry, then use mod podge to secure letters to canvas, etc.

♥ DIY wrapping, packaging, gift, christmas, birthday, present, geschenk, verpackung

on the cheap: teeny tiny little stampers.


GENIUS!!!!!! Paper towel mists stamp technique- off to the kitchen to try this right NOW!!!!

trick for punches that go with stamp sets

Simple layout

How to make a cone shaped end cap

Stamp Organization

DIY carve rubber stamps from pencil erasers...teeny and cute!


VersaMark through a stencil, then emboss. Try it with a butterfly on vellum!