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    A sketch card like some of the ones above are done by talented and amazing artists. I have a collection of over 300 individual hand drawn art cards like those above.

    Fantastic sketch card done by Adriana Melo. Check it out, this is true art, hand drawn and colored. A true gem. Share the article with others, thanks. ~Tom

    Danielle Gransaull makes my artist pick of the day with her Moonstar Sketch Card. Moonstar is part of the X-men, and Danielle captures her well. ~Tom

    Mick and Matt Glebe are very sought after because of their work, and attention to detail, styling, and creativity with their Sketch Cards, check this one out! ~Tom

    Wonderful sketch card of Captain America by artist Tirso Llaneta. I am so going to look for more art by them. Check this one out, you can own it! ~Tom

    Captain America Sketch Card by Roy Aston Cover Marvel Upper Deck 2011 Sketch Card Artist

    Women of Zorro Lady Zorro Artist Exclusive Sketch by TheRealmofsAm

    Grimm Fairytales Baba Yaga Artist Exclusive by TheRealmofsAm

    Sketch Card Sets - The Realm of sAm v3.0

    Sketch Card Sets - The Realm of sAm v3.0

    Details about Sketch Jason Potratz / Jack Hai ~ X-Men 4 Card Puzzle ~ EL Marvel Bronze Age Yes folks, for those of you who are new to collecting, this is 4 separate sketch cards that combine to form one image! Amazing artwork! Two Artists! #xmen #sketch #art #artist #sketchcard #drawing #puzzlesketch #hobby

    2012 Marvel Greatest Heroes Captain America and Iron Man Sketch Card Jake Minor Sketch Card Artist

    2014 SDCC WOMEN OF DYNAMITE SKETCH CARD DAMSELS BY ADAM BRAUN Sketch Card Artist Gorgeous card today that I picked, the artist is Adam Braun, and while this may be a lesser known set to collectors and fans, it still showcases the passion of the artist. #sketch #art #artist #artcard #sketchcard #drawing #hobby #collectible

    3.5" x2.5" sketch card Green Arrow

    Green Arrow - 15 minute sketch card by PeterSimeti@deviantART

    5finity Grimm Fairy Tales Age of Darkness Bill Maus Sketch Card Alice Wonderland Sketch Card Artist

    2014 Marvel Premier Iron Man base sketch by JC Fabul AWESOME Sketch Card Artist

    2015 Upper Deck UD Age of Ultron Sketch Card Hill captain america Sketch Card Artist

    STAR WARS YODA Original Sketch Card Painting by Bianca Thompson Sketch Card Artist

    Harley Quinn Batman DC SUPERVILLAINS Artist Proof Sketch Card Carlos Cabaleiro Sketch Card Artist of the Day

    Frankie Washington SHADOW CAT Artist Sketch Card WOMEN OF MARVEL 2

    Marvel Greatest Heroes Sketch Card of Hawkeye by Mark Dos Santos Sketch Card of the Day Sketch Card Artist of the Day

    2014 Upper Deck Marvel Premier Mary Bellamy Quad Panel Sketch X-Men X-23 - Wonderful Sketch Card Artist

    ACEO sketch card GREEN LANTERN! Original artwork by Floyd!

    Sketch Card Artist of the Day 5/23/15 - Artist Jason Saldajeno Gorgeous SketchCard Sketch Card of Harley Quinn from the Batman Universe