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Spanish vocabulary - Los cinco sentidos / The five senses

In your first attempt to learn Spanish, the first thing you will be taught about is greetings. What do you know if you don't know how to say "hello?


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Aprende Inglés-Sila (@InglesSila) | Twitter

Aprende Inglés-Sila (@InglesSila) | Twitter



[verbo_hacer_pasado.jpg] #spanishlanguagetips

[verbo_hacer_pasado.jpg] #spanishlanguagetips

Lista de Meses del año en Inglés

Months of the Year in English for kids, students, teacher with examples basic in lists and images . Discover a complete lists of Months in English Language.

Yo asisto a la clase de español a los diez y cinco de la mañana los marte y los jueves. Mi clase de espoñal es muy interesante y divertida. En clase, yo leo y estudio.

Where better to learn Spanish then in Spain itself? La Herradura is a beautiful, safe, local Spanish town in the South of the country. Feel free to take a look at our website and contact us if you have questions!

Verbo TO DO – Hacer | Aprender Inglés Fácil

It might be a good time to learn Spanish. You may never have thought of learning another language before.

We have just created two new charts containing photos of Fruit and Vegetables. Each photo has the name of that fruit/vegetable in English under it. Did you know that many vegetables that are in fac...

Educational infographic & data visualisation Vegetables - English Vocabulary List and Chart with Photos Infographic Description Vegetables in English - A c