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Awesome (Yeah BOI, I see my favorites in the same picture for once)

The shading is well done. Plus it is makes a good version of black and white drawings of sonic characters.

This, Should be called Amy and Sonic (Lady and the Tramp version) This is so cool.

Super Mario bros and Sonic the hedgehog spoofing Disneys Lady and the Tramp. Sonic and Amy as Lady and Tramp, and Mario and Luigi as the italian restaurant owners. You dont know how much this made my day, ROFL!

Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator Sonic X° 73 © Sonic Project _defense_

THE END!Thank you for reading! Please do not ask for more cause there ain't gonna be one, I'm done with this I'll be looking forward to another Shadamy story.I'll be redrawing the first few pages I...

Oh jeez, it's almost like Raven (TeenTitans) and her multiple personalities, but it's Sonic!

"Colors" by nisibo25.

"Colors" by nisibo25.

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