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Dee is feeding the chickens the morning they discover thebones on the mountain. A sense of foreboding strengthenswhen the police show her a ring found with the remains.It belonged to a friend of hers, Mary Ann Simpson, who haddisappeared four years ago. Strangely, other girls have also disappearedfrom this small town nestled in the shadow of theBruce Peninsula—the “mountain” that Dee knows like the backof her hand. Like her grandmother, Dee has “The Sight,” an ability notonly to see spirits from the afterlife but also to experience theirdeaths—a “gift” that becomes more troubling as this story takesdarker turns. While trying to help local police with the investigation,Dee is drawn into a deepening mystery that soon strikesterrifyingly close to home. Set in the aftermath of World War I, when soldiers are returningto a society that doesn’t know the full horrors of whatthey went through, Haunted is an atmospheric story that willhaunt readers long after they finish reading.

from Bitch Media

100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader

100 YA books for the feminist reader via This list is fantastic, and includes both YA and adult titles that work well as crossovers (Sandra Cisneros, etc.). #MissRep