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  • Lorenzo Muan

    Gender Issue Conundrum

  • Hannah Cyrus

    BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen - Hilarious reviews.

  • Caroline Magee

    12 hilarious reviews of Bic's pen, just for women!

  • Cyndi Laduranteay

    12 Hilarious Reviews Of A Pen Just For Women - So Funny!!

  • Laura Gonzales

    Hilarious reviews of a pen just "for her." Love those pointlessly gendered products. #NotBuyingIt

  • Amy

    FINALLY! a pen that won't leave me with that uncomfortable feeling of "man hands" BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen (Box of 12) - Black

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Week 2: What is a "Family"? (click thru for analysis) - Ugh, this example of heteronormativity is almost too much. Parents consist of 1 male and 1 female - two children, one still a baby. This image paired with "family friendly parking" implies that they'll only be friendly to this type of family.

Girls often get the message growing up that math and science are for boys, and things like art and english are for girls. This comic jokingly suggests making math "pink" to get more girls interested because all girls like pink, right?

"Sexism: Amazon Customers Go Rogue, Hilariously Review the Bic's Idiotic Pen for Women - @Jezebel @missrep #notbuyingit" via @chezshai on Twitter

Joss Whedon is the shit. period. Oh yeah, his TV shows aren't bad either ;)

Nut mix just for men (click through for analysis)

It's not unusual to walk into a bathroom stall and see a mix of short notes, graffiti and stories. But it is unusual for someone to take the time to craft a thoughtful response. That's just what one Reddit user saw when she entered the girls' bathroom at her university.

ha ha ha...yes...all flower shops and boutiques...even jewelry stores should have a guide like this.

When the most ambitious parenting idea of all sprang into being. Lacee Chesnutt Chesnutt Chesnutt Chesnutt Chesnutt Nydle

Imagine your kid asking you "Mommy, how do we handle stress?" Of course at this point you have no idea that it's for homework, so naturally MY response would be " Suck it up."

Masculinity, Gender (Non)Conformity, and Queer Visibility: Warpaint is critical commentary on what gender is, where it comes from, how flexible it is, what this flexibility means, and what gender (non)conformity has to do with sexuality...important lessons about how gender is produced just below the radar of most people most of the time...the extensive work that goes into doing gender in a way that is recognizable by others. Indeed, recognition by others is key to doing gender “correctly.”