Celeb photo bombs. hahahahahaha


Oh my gosh!

I am dying



Miley vs Taylor

Me too

i just died

Makes perfect sense.

Oh Miley...

Ellen's Scare montage. DYING! Even if your having the worst day this will make u laugh so hard! The best is when she scares Taylor swift...lol

Time to rethink your life. Gaga looks gorgeous << When the "Hannah Montana Movie" comes on and your brothers friend sees it and says "Is this Miley Cyrus before she went crazy?" and you tell them "Yeah. She is supposed to go to an awards show in this movie . . . . looks like she finally did after she went off the deep end" you know you need to rethink it

What happens in Vegas

Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Just about peed myself!!!!!!


I just died a little. I love these videos.


hahaha just died.

Haha :)