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  • Lianna Scott ツ

    I think I need to frame this for my home. :) :::::::::::::::::::::::: #quotes, #funny, #bathroom

  • Kathleen Carreiro

    for the kid's bathroom!

  • Ruth Root

    Why am I the only person in this house changing the toilet paper?

  • Suzanne Potter Thomas

    I'm going to make one for MY boys that say's "Not Changing the Toilet Paper Will Cause Brain Damage" haha! They still wouldn't do it i bet… :/ Primitives By Kathy Box Sign, Toilet Paper: Furniture & Decor $8.57

  • Tricia Foster

    funny - changing the toilet paper

Kids Bathroom, Quotes, Boxes Signs, Funny, Toilets Paper, Brain Damaged, House, Primitive, Toilet Paper

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