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Our entertainment growing up lol

Vintage Romper Stompers by Hasbro. I used to love watching the kids from Romper Room playing with these.

Loved this

Loved these. Wanted to be a fashion designer after I started playing with them.

Had this same exact lunch box when I was in grade school many many years ago!

1972 metal Holly Hobbie lunchbox by Aladdin.Wallpaper and background photos of Holly Hobbie vintage lunch box for fans of Lunch Boxes images.

Old school-omgosh I totally remember this! Haha

Teachers Chalk Holder Line Maker by hopeandjoyhome I remember it used in music class too.

How many of you know what these are and what they were used for???

These were pins to hold rollers in your hair. Usually the rollers were spring shaped, covered with black bristles. My hair was so thick, I had to use two or three of these to hold my roller in place.

We used a lot of it, never was sure it worked well.

I can remember the tears as my mother forced an afro comb through my hair, no more tears my .

Yes, the staircase. This was the best thing about the house!!

Loved how this staircase opened on the other side! i still have this toy floating around the house somewhere!

3 dolls in one... Red Riding Hood, Granny and if you turn granny's cap over granny's face - the back of her head is THE BIG BAD WOLF!

Little Red Riding Hood Story Telling Doll - Flip it over for Grandma. Pull her bonnet down for the Wolf. I had this doll!