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The no.1 trait of libtardism....lying. The big trunk that follows her must be to massive for her to move. She should try a fasting protest!

Let me help you pack. You make MILLIONS "singing" about hate, vulgar sex, and violence but yet YOU are offended and oppressed. Get out FOOL and take your dumbass wife with you.

RNR Kentucky (@RNRKentucky) | Twitter........If you think Mexico is so Great then why did you come here? Go Back. #RedNationRising #BuildTheWall #PresidentTrump

The United States was the greatest country in the world because of its constitution and body of laws, and its recognition of the rights of the individual.

This sack of shit will chip away at every corner of gun ownership. He wont take them away, rather make it impossible/impractical to own one. Fuck you barrack. You asshole sack of shit.

Sorry Fleeing Liberals, Canada Doesn’t Want You; Especially Lena Dunham