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Little Lolita all grown up and gothed out...

Some fairies shed their wings twice a year...right after the grand balls that precede their moving between their summer homes and winter homes. The deck their wings out in beautiful fairy crafted finery, dance the night away and shed them. By the morning they have grown a shiny new pair! I was fortunate enough in my travels to come upon the very spot where the Fair Folk had just completed their revels. Gorgeous glimmering wings lay everywhere strewn along the ground. I picked up as many as I…

for a pretty everyday shade try 'Ballerina Shimmer' by #bobbibrown

for a pretty everyday shade try 'Ballerina Shimmer' by #bobbibrown

фото Сергей Спирик, стиль прическа боди Анна Кубанова-d4mmd5x by anyakub