Fourth of July

These are so good and perfect for the fourth of July!

cups coated in pop rocks ... love this for the 4th of July

Punch and Cocktail Summer Drink Recipes: Cava Sangria For a light and quick poolside drink, this cava sangria is the way to go. Refreshing and fruity, this 5-ingredient sangria has the perfect combination of flavors from the strawberries and mint leaves. After the first sip, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation.

fourth of july

Red, White, and Blue Shot. Congrats to all of the Team USA athletes! This is also a great shot to remember for Memorial Day Weekend and 4th of July! #recipe #shot

Summer Drinks

Fourth of July drink. Apparently, this works, but you must use the exact ingredients in this order: 3 oz. cranberry juice cocktail followed by 3 oz. bright blue Gatorade, followed by 3 oz. Diet Sprite or Sprite Zero.

Fourth of July treats!

Summertime, summertime!

4th of July

Independence Punch (Cranberry juice, blue gatorade frost, and diet sprite).

fourth of july

Summer drinks to try!

Christmas Cookie Cocktails

4th of July Decor

hopeless domestic: Raspberry Tequila Sangria