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Spent half an hour watching the kitten attacking an identical kitten in the mirror. I just had to find out which one would win.


Break the glass…

I need to put this next to the stove for you...though you wouldn't find the humor in it.

I think the look he gave me when I asked which dress looked better was identical to the look I gave him when he asked if I wanted my operating system updated.

Funny Family Ecard: The nice thing about using a slow cooker is that the kids let you know at 8 a.m. that they will not eat dinner. It eliminates a day's worth of suspense on the issue.

Yoga to a 5-year-old boy: One warrior rescues a monkey and butterfly by attacking their enemy with a needle then giving a prayer of thanks.

'Mom, I forgot to tell you that I'm in the school play. I can't remember what day it is. If it's today, I'll call you to bring me a Pilgrim's costume, OK?'

That awkward moment when someone tells you something and you think 'they really should be telling this to a grown up' and then you realize that's what they're doing.


Great insults of our time…

These are awesome.

Etsyfrom Etsy

5x7 I Just Ate My Willpower Cheery Green

It's so true! H haha @Sharon Macdonald Macdonald Macdonald Borgeson this is so us lol

Summer goal #3: Take another crack at that writing project. Find people wanting to read cracked writing projects.


The only way you can be sure…

Meanwhile in The Athena Cabin..... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ OMG whoever said that is my new favorite person!


Child is ‘stuck in’ phone…

@Kayci Meredith let's do this to Timmy's tablet!!!


Critic Frog

Puns. I should not have laughed so hard at this, but the use of ribbitting just got to me.