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    • Ashley Moore

      As unfortunate as this is...... it just may be the truth. And I don't even know if I would take it back.

    • Amber Murray

      S - it wasn't a choice. Not really. I do choose to nurture my love for you though. It makes me feel alive. Happy. Hopeful. - A

    • Alina Bond

      Sometimes late at night I pin all the things I've been feeling, write up a really heartfelt speech in the description, and send it out into the world, anonymous. Because maybe someone will feel the same way, and find comfort in my speech.

    • Lonewolf

      I fell in love with you that last night you and your son was staying at my place. When it happened, it hurt because I knew I couldn't have what I wanted as I was going to be handing you back to your husband the next day. After that I did everything I could to help you and your marriage, despite my own feelings (hell I even offered to pay for counseling). I helped knowing that if anything I did worked, I would never get a chance. What is a love and friendship like that worth to you?

    • Ayesha Ahmad

      we were always meant to break up.. then why do i feel this way

    • Camille Follet

      Unrequited. I know this feeling sooooo well.

    • Sue Park

      ... And I wish I could forget you #quotes

    • Suzanna Overweg

      Story of my life right meow

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    This is SO true!!!

    So true!!!



    So true

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    True say...

    Unrequited Love ...

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    unrequited love

    Unrequited Love

    Most times.

    starting is the hard part.

    very true indeed

    Things don't last but love does. Laura McKittrick, The Greenwich Girl

    I don't have my own kids but this is true!

    Hard believing this