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My dream guys style ... Bennie, nice smile and sleeves. And I'm not talking about that's denim sleeves. Love my men with tattoos. But what matters is respect, gentlemen, and thoughtful!

new glasses, shoot film, casual leather belt, pocket knife... bees like honey, now isn't that funny

flannel and cords and beanie. casual hotness. gotta wonder what's in his mini-man-satchel...

Oh, hi. When I first saw you, I thought to myself, well aren't you just the cutest homeless person ever. But then I noticed your Raybans, and decided that you're just going for the shabby-chic look. Unless... are you on Groupon?

I kind of like the hipster-style clothing. It's unusual, but cool. Like you're not afraid to be different, but you're not trying too hard to be. I don't like the glasses, though.

Not one for beards but he's rockin' it. Beard + ponytail + vest + Ernest Alexander weekend bag ... lovely!

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I'm loving the crew neck sweater over the hoodie. A very unexpected and suprisingly great look

I may need some muscles for this kind of thing...