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  • Tamara King

    This beautiful Steampunk Mac built by Steve La Riccia uses outfits a classic Macintosh with a well-done aesthetic overhaul and a keyboard pulled from a 114-year-old Remington typewriter. This is cooler than Apple’s new thin and light MacBooks, iMacs and iPads, isn’t it?

  • Alex Doktor

    Wozniak’s Conundrum: Mac Typewriter = Steampunk PC. fully functional steampunk computer is an amalgam of a 1991 Mac and a 114-year old Remington typewriter. Aside from the typewriter, the mod also has a couple of other pieces ancient equipment. The mouse for instance, is a repurposed Morse code telegraph key, and the 56K modem is made up of old telephone parts. And it has a floppy drive.

  • Susan

    Steam punked Mac mod by Steve la Riccia

  • Karen Chapman

    Steampunk Mac uses a 140 year old typewriter and a 1980's Classic Apple Mac make a steampunk computer. The Morse Code telegraph key has een converted into a mouse!

  • John Parisi

    Steam punk outfit mac

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