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Varosha is in the Turkish occupied city of Famagusta in Cyprus. It was previously a modern tourist area. In the year of 1974 however, the Turkish invaded Cyprus and tore up the island. Citizens fled, expecting to be able to return to their homes. The Turkish military wrapped it in barbed wire and now controls it completely. Allowing nobody to enter to this day, aside from themselves and UN personnel. Though on the positive side, rare sea turtles have begun nesting on the deserted beaches.

Gunkanjima, Japan. Hashima Island is one among 505 uninhabited islands in the Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan about 15 kilometers from Nagasaki itself. It is also known as “Gunkan-jima” or Battleship Island thanks to its high sea walls. It began in 1890 when a company called Mitsubishi bought the island and began a project to retrieve coal from the bottom of the sea.

Military Hospital, Berlin

from U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

Roast Turkey with Blueberry Balsamic Glaze

The most mouth-watering turkey recipe you’ll find for your Thanksgiving meal. Blueberries, rosemary and fig balsamic make the turkey so moist and full of flavor. Great for your Christmas meal too! #littlechanges

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Global Urbex: 12 Haunting Abandoned Buildings and Places

Philadelphia may not find itself in America’s decaying rust belt, but as a large industrial city there is bound to be a wealth of historic abandonments on urban explorers‘ radars. This defunct power plant is a good example, photographed by Murtaza Paghdiwala. Despite languishing in the grip of urban decay, some impressive machinery can still be seen on site.