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You Gonna Pick That Up?: Pooping Dog Lamp

In the "LOLWUT?!" news of the day, this is a lamp that depicts a big dog taking a doo-doo, created by artist Whatshisname. To activate, you must step on th
  • April Dodson

    Funny!!!!!! Good Boy lamp (2012) was designed by artist "Whatshisname" as an item of everyday use that makes user uncomfortable with every use. The On/Off switch is shaped as a turd that needs to be stepped on.

  • Jo Teague

    Pooping Dog Floor Lamp - Step on the poo to turn on the light. Too funny!


    Replica Pooping Dog Floor Lamps -Large.Two special lamps will have you talking about them inclusively at the dog park – the Pooping Dog Lamps from UK artist Whatshisname. It’s really a conversation starter duo.The fun part is that stepping on a dog poop can now be useful – that’s how you turn on and off the light.

  • Max Hancock

    dog-pooping-lamp #product #idea

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