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  • Wonderland Wigs

    Gorgeous #RedHair that we love at #WonderlandWigs #Red #Hair #HairAndBeauty #Beauty #ColouredHair #RedHotHair #LongHair #ShortHair #CurlyHair #StraightHair

  • Angelica P

    Disney's #Brave beautiful and voluminous red hair

  • Elsa Rojas

    Red, curly hair. Fantasize about that! It's Merida from Disney's Brave! Awesome.

  • Tegan Burr

    My dream hair!

  • Zoe Elliott

    This is real life Merida hair!


    Red, curly hair. Fantasize about that! #hair #color

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I'm not saying I'm ever going to do COSPLAY...but if I did, I would be her! I mean, I already have the hair for it and that's half the costume!

hair color inspiration - i want that ginger hair - now I know what ginger (red-brown) means

Black hair with blue peekaboo highlights. As much as I would love to do this with purple versus blue, I am so not brave enough.

How to secure fresh flowers in your hair with u-shaped hair pins. You could match your bouquet!

Hello, my name is Natalia. I am 16. I'm a natural redhead. My choosing ceremony is within the next week. I was born in Erudite, but I have always known I belonged in Dauntless. I have always hated studying, and research, and school. I like to read fiction sometimes, but I want to know what it's like to be free, like the Dauntless are. I think my parents know that I'll choose a life of recklessness over one of learning. I'm impulsive, and have a tendency to get into fights. Yes, I'll choose Dauntless.