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  • Lara Fee

    George Harrison, Richard Starkey, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon... I love Ringo's umbrella!

  • Aileen Mota

    One of the greatest bands brought to the United State from England. They are one of the most known iconic symbols of music and peace. Peace in the United States and the world. The point that The Beatles were trying to make was that peace was needed in society and they tried to make the world a better place. People lives off their quotes "all you need is love" "let it be," "come together," "act naturally," "gently weep," and many more. People love the Beatles because they were an example to all.

  • Krystal Miller

    #TheBeatles #Smalldemons #nash #online #music #alternative #rock #culture #books

  • The Sales & Marketing Connection

    rain, and of course the Beatles! Connie Ortberg

  • GeorgeHarrisonImInLoveWithYou

    George Harrison, Richard Starkey, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon (The Beatles the greatest group of all time in pop music history.)

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Back when they were young and new. I always prefer The Beatles older works. Devoid of all deep and complex subtext and hidden meaning, they just said what the felt. When they were just having fun.

Love this pic. I've never seen the whole series. McCartney's eyes...

Love the hollyhocks (1) From: A Quieter Storm, please visit

I hate it when people compare One Direction or other similar bands to The Beatles. No singer or band will ever reach the level of hysteria The Beatles had to experience. The Beatles couldn't even perform at their concerts because fans were screaming so loud. If a performer ever becomes as popular and loved as they were, I applaud them.

I remember being allowed to stay up late to see their 1st televised appearance on Ed Sullivan. I think I was 5. The screaming scared me.

The Beatles give each other haircuts...

Beatlemania! I remember their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. I was just a tike.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Richard Starkey, and George Harrison (Fab Four in London)

My choice for the most Iconic photograph. The faces, the shadow, the turtlenecks, the blackness, the innocence, the future...

the fab four ♥ Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon