I always play Ethel to your Lucy


Oh so totally true

Best friends

Do all things with kindness. Please.

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How true ~ lol

To all my followers, Just shut up you guys!!!! You're beautiful just the way you are!!!! Love, Me

Where did the weekend go? It can't nearly be Monday already! #weekend #monday #work #timeflies #backtowork #boring www.youniquebylaura.co.uk

Shell Yeah(;

It is so true. for your real sisters or sorority. love this. I think it works with best friends as well.

This is friendship!

Lol! This is so TRUE.........I do get REALLY grumpy when my blood sugar drops.

Haha so true. tickle me and i cant be held responsible for kicking u in the face or ur ass in general

Best Friend Quote


so true:)

100 Things 2 Do: What Word/s Will People Define You By?

It's true.