How to Make a Rag Rug

Easy Step by Step DIY Shag Rag Rug Tutorial

How to make a rag rug. Love these, and the idea of warp with fabric......wahooo!

Love this braided fabric yarn - she made a seat cushion but I'm thinking, awesome rug...

Sock Monkey! A real tutorial on how to make a sock monkey! @

Old Tshirt rug... I found a tutorial on pinterest... and they just used a rug matte (you know, the thing that keeps the rug from sliding, and cut 1 inch by 5 inch strips and poked them through one hole and up through another. Depending on how full you want it, will determine how many spaces you leave between each row of strips.

An Awesome Rag Rug--DIY I am going to try this would be very cute for the bathroom

DIY Rag Rug

Free pattern and tutorial on how to sew sock sheep with 2 single socks. Use a microfiber sock to resemble the fluffy fur of the sheep.

Rag Rugs, Revised Edition: 16 Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Strips of Fabric by Suzanne McNeill,

The Patchwork Heart: Rag Rug Tutorial

Painted Rock 1

How to make a fabric basket, fabric yarn - Tutorial

another way to make rag rugs

Denim rag rug - made from old jeans; just single crochet back and forth for the main part and one row of double crochet around the edge. Cut the denim into a long strip about 1 cm wide and use an 8 mm crochet hook. this rug is approx 1 meter by half a meter in size and took 4-5 pairs of jeans.

Don't even have to tie. Just cut 1000's of 1 x 5 inch strips. Even can skip some holes

Cute! So much better than the ones with the ties on the side. Because, really, who has time for bows in real life.

rag rug tutorial and tool for cutting strips to same length


perfect colors

Flower smocking tutorial