I love this look but... spiders, y'all! Lots and lots of places for spiders to hide...

firewood storage

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The Wood Stacker | via yatzer.

Corner fireplace.

Living room. Wood fireplace.

that is so cool AK47 Home Collection

Great floor color

concrete that looks like wood--

Briggs Edward Solomon

Cool idea for shelves/wood storage

contemporary living room | fireplace with log storage

love the wood wall

Love the mix of whites and wood grains

wood stove

Reclaimed wood is perfection in this bathroom.

"storing wood" I love how these rooms posted by Danielle de Lange on Flickr have a perfect and pure mix of simplistic style and earthy textiles infused with just the right amount of warmth and light. photo from Danielle de Lange, The Style Files https://www.flickr.com/photos/55397648@N00/

Bright whites balance dark wood

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