I love this look but... spiders, y'all! Lots and lots of places for spiders to hide...

firewood storage

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Corner fireplace.

stunningly gorgeous contemporary white living room - love the log storage, the walls, the curtains as a door and all the glow!

that is so cool AK47 Home Collection

The Wood Stacker | via yatzer.

Reclaimed wood is perfection in this bathroom.

Living room. Wood fireplace.

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"every time I see wood stacked in niches like this I love it." ~ original poster/before me... (I'm from the South and we have critters, little microscopic critters, in our wood piles - so, who the heck has Clean wood? ~ August Bardeaux

wood and white

A creative way to stack fire wood in the house, so you don't have to go outside to fetch some when it's freezing. Even if you don't have a fire place you can still pull this look off.

wood wall

Use storage to divide spaces If your living room is also your kitchen, dining room or even bedroom, use block furniture and handy storage to divide the space. Fitting units around the sides of a sofa is a genius way to maximise your storage without taking up wall space, and helps to define the separate areas further.

modern living room

Clean storage idea.

A simple render version of our slate fireplace at Sleepy Hollow. Making the beauty of fire a prime focal point for the room. You can see more living room design ideas at http://goo.gl/det0O1

love this wall...

Rais - Woodwall