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    Daily odd compliment

    they never cover it and they aren't quite as fun to say

    I heard that!!

    When my family sees me wearing something other than yoga pants they ask why I'm so dressed up. | Confession Ecard |

    forced to stay in a padded room and told to just "calm down"...sounds like vacation to me

    Careful not to trip over my amazingness; it’s everywhere.

    I'm dizzy from riding your bi-polar coaster

    I don't regret burning my bridges. I regret that some people weren't on those bridges when I burnt them.

    lol, or my computer :D The sad truth.

    Autism ecard. God yes! Aidyn literally only eats three foods.

    "Reaching a goal is like growing out your bangs. It gets Ugly, and sometimes you want to give it all up. But someday it will all be worth it."

    Basically, yes. There's a reason it's one of the tragedies, not the comedies. If you want a Shakespearean love story, try A Midsummer Night's Dream or Much Ado About Nothing. Oh but wait, high school English class didn't assign either of those so you don't know anything about them. My bad.

    Sometimes I hate when people give me encouragement. I feel like saying "Shut up I know I can do it, I just don't want to"

    Hunger Games! I know a few people that will appreciate this :-)

    Top 63 most Funniest Quotes and Humor Pics | Living Cool

    I won't get jealous..I won't get jealous..I won't get jealous ...who's this fucking whore? | Confession Ecard


    the struggle



    There's no i in 'team.' Or 'orgasm.' Or 'sex.' Or 'beer.' Or 'sports.' Or 'porn.' The letter i is kind of a buzzkill.


    This is personally my favorite Stalking quote