Rainbow Lorikeet, Australia

Love birds

Toucan... <3

Gorgeous Hyacinth Macaws.

rainbow owl

Australian Rainbow Lorikeets

iNfiNitA bELLEZA… (by pakalwaters)

Australian Rainbow Lorikeets gathered on tree, at Byron Bay in Australia.

Rainbow Lorikeets

Love this, Quetzalcoati, national bird of Guatemala

~~Painted Bunting - Male [Passerina ciris] by E.J. Peiker~~

I had a Green Wing Macaw for 7 years, named "Wink". He needed a mate so now he lives with a girl and has a family! I think about him often.

Red Lorikeets

~Toucan Parrot~

Golden Pheasant

Beautiful colours on this Tragopan!

Rainbow color birds

Rainbow Lorikeet. Amazing photo! Love!!

Australian King Parrot, Male red head achieved After about 18 months of age, Females have a green head.- Bing Images

Western tanenger