cedar waxwing

waxwing bird

The Hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin), also known as the Hoactzin, Stinkbird, or Canje Pheasant, is a species of tropical bird found in swamps, riparian forest and mangrove of the Amazon and the Orinoco delta in South America.

Purple starling - what a gorgeous creature!

Cedar Waxwing ... pretty, pretty!

Northern Flicker


Beautiful color for a bird.

Cedar Waxwing

Love waking to the sound of the meadowlark on a beautiful spring morning.

Guinea fowl. Gorgeous design.

Waxwing - such beautiful and unique birds!

oh blue bird

Gorgeous! Copyright Arwee Tseng

gorgeous colors

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Cedar Waxwings by Conrad Tan on 500px

Love Birds

Gorgeous ❤

Say I'm a bird!