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"Your mind gives up before your legs do." #running #motivation #truth So true. So many times i have quit because mentally I said I can't do it. When I realize my legs are in control, I go so much further.

from Shape Magazine

25 Fitspirational Quotes Guaranteed to Make You Work Out Harder



If 4 miles is a "short run" you have no life outside of running. I'm sorry. I'm all for being healthy, but running is bad for your joints in the long term. There are other ways to work out. Why does everyone think the best workout is running?! I detest running.

God told me this, just before EVERYTHING happened. Just before HER. It's the promise He gave me for this season, and I hold it dearly. It may not end the way I'd like at first, but it will be worth the fight. Know what you're fighting for. Know the value. If it's worthy, then never stop fighting for it. It might get hard, but if it's worth it, then it's worth it. So be a real man.