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kitty kitty kitty

Beautiful outfit

cute softies

luckyjuju poupée de garçon chat. adorable.

Sweet little metal box full of... mouses! Starting from this diagram of Mmmcrafts, you will be able to build from felt and fabric this house to hosting some small rodents that your children may carry wherever they want. Moreover, it would be a great corner to save their first loose teeth and change them to the Tooth Fairy for small treasures.

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Parents, save this list! This is the holy grail for the best toy gift ideas and has all the hot toys for Christmas 2016.$13.52

Mary Poppins Doll YAY!


diy kids doll

Handmade Dolls – Custom Mini Me Doll – Moe Moe Designs | Small for Big

Hand Painting Rocks – Cupboard of Delights rocks and dolls – Kid Inspirations | Small for Big

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Tea Towel Dolls How-To

doll with cool hoodie

Black Cat Socks

These are cute, I could buy plain black pillows, then add face pieces. I don't sew.Black Cat Halloween Pillows Sewing Craft