cutting paint samples...easy way to introduce cutting on a line. Why did I not think of this?????

Homemade Color Book. Made with paint samples. | In The Corner

Rainbow cutting and gluing with paint samples

Scissor cutting bin of different patterns for the students to cut out.

Love this!- This would be easy to make- and cheap! Also a good Ada/ Emma- friendly work to have out.

blowing pom pom along a line of tape. How simple, yet I could see it occupying a kid for hours!!!

Button Sorting Cups – What a brilliant idea.Adding this to our collection of activities to promote fine-motor skills and color recognition!

Scrabble letters to build first words. love this!!!!! for my littles.

For EHS, have parents create a busy box to keep in the car. So many parents use their smart phones to keep kids occupied when waiting in line...and 20 years ago all I needed was a picture book. I'm thinking tiny stuffed animals, a few crayons, a pen, and a mini notebook at minimum with a few easy games described.

Magnet fine motor skill activity montessori inspired by AlenaSani

play dough idea - we have this tray. Must put it out with the dough. DIY Fine Motor Montessori Activities

Invitation to play - Making a name collage with pompoms. Learning4kids

Math links and pattern cards

Draw a letter on a pin board and have children push the pins in correct order to form the letters. (Could write numbers and even draw arrows to show letter formation sequence.) Great for fine motor skill development, but also for remembering the path of motion for each letter.

A great idea for word families

Cutting Practice

Provocations (Reggio) Cutting/Colours

Don't have to worry about losing letters here. Putting letters or numbers in order... Cheap and brilliant!

Number recognition fine motor one to one

Fine Motor Skills

Pipe cleaner needles for preschooler sewing - great for fine motor skills - from