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All the things I said I would never say to my kids.all the things I say to my kids daily.

I love this!  It's so very true.

NO job more important on the PLANET - molding little humans to be productive, good members of society. It's THE most important job.

Lessons from Mom@nicole and @Shannon Bellanca Bellanca Bellanca Bellanca!

Lessons from Mom

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"Making the decision to have a child..."Free Printable for Mother's Day!

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to let your heart go walking around outside your body. - Elizabeth Stone ~So true and so happy I did!


Becoming a mother makes you realize you can do almost anything. one-handed! So true!

so true.

Is this true, ladies? Is there a secret stash of cookies? Break them bad boys out cause I want me a cookie!

The love you feel when you see your baby for the first time is the most amazing feeling in the world especially when the love of your life  helps you through all the pain and cuts the cord...#miricalbaby#cancersucks#greatdad

Whaddya Say when I tell you "I believe in love at first sight.because I'm a Mom and a MeeMaw. It happens again, you fall in love at first sight when you see your grandchild, I so did, my Sara ♡Love it's Love♡

A real mom: Emotional, yet the rock. Tired, but keeps going. Worried, but full of hope. Impatient, yet patient. (original image, words and post)

To my child - we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us 💜🙏

This is being framed in my house.....

Ooooh I will be this kind of mom when the boys are older. I will keep those kinds of girls away from my sons. No one did it for my hubby when he was young and I will not let that happen to my boys.

love your mother, she's the most beautiful person on this earth, your best critic and your strongest supporter

I really kind of despise this. Birth is nothing like breaking a bone. Birth is a normal, physiological process that women were made for. The pain of birth is the woman's body working to bring the baby. Breaking a bone is not normal.

This is how we like to live our life! - Spoki - bildes 2 ❤ liked on Polyvore

Funny pictures about Don't want a sarcastic answer? Oh, and cool pics about Don't want a sarcastic answer? Also, Don't want a sarcastic answer?

cllipka Things our mothers taught us All about love. Repin or share and don't forget to listen to Noelito Flow Music. Thank You

Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom! Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom! Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom!