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this is such an awesome idea. i wonder if we could do it at the duplex..... theres great sunlight in that closet because of the window..

10 Inventive Bunks, Cabin Style | 10. Recognize unused space. Poke around for a little cranny. If you are finishing an attic, take a look at the spot where the slope of the roof pitches down far enough to touch the top of your head. That’s where you were thinking of framing the wall, right? Well, could you tuck a bed in there? Think of all the extra floor space you would earn.

Kicking off our room redo vote with this fun bedroom from @lonny with two twins. Sophisticated way to style twins am I right? Also always love me some Hermes ;) Sooo time to vote! Like this pic if youd like it to be our next room redo! #CopyCatChic

Convert attic in to a family sized guest bedroom. The curtains add privacy just like on a sleeper car of a train.

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