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“We Are Not Procrastinating, We Are Being Productive in a Different Direction!”


Santa, I want books, computers and the ability to travel through time and space.here's a library card! Save Our Library Elf. Cartoon by Rogers.

;-) (met dank aan Erika Welgraven...) Leuk zo'n pinbord met dingen die minstens een glimlach brengen

when i grow up i want to be a book.smart little sapling!When I grow up I want to remain a TREE!

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The Official Homepage of Nyan Cat!

Finally ... A library collection that offends no one.

Celebrate the freedom to read during Banned Books Week with this list of memes that shows why it's never a good idea to ban books.

Without DRM, no battery, high resolution, interchangeable, multi-user and costs as much as an e-book?

tumblr_mb8ih5l1F61qb9bjho4_500.gif (500×500)

tumblr_mb8ih5l1F61qb9bjho4_500.gif (500×500)

by Stephen J. Gertz They take no guff from deadbeats. Original cover art by Casey Jones for Crackers in Bed by Vic Fredericks.

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Shelver Sheep

This is Shelver Sheep, the library's most underrated employee. Want to submit your own Shelver.

Not funny so much as a sad truth. Libraries create $3-4 of services and materials for every dollar of funding they receive.

"The benefits of fully funding public libraries vs. the benefits of NOT fully funding public libraries.


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