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    Rick Scott Wins "Worst Governor Ever" - The Daily Pulp

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    Rick Scott - Rep. Governor of Florida

    Governor of Florida Rick Scott is the worst Governor in decades.

    Florida Governor Rick Scott

    Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott

    Rick Scott Gov of Florida / Medicare Fraud

    I will be that spokesperson, too. If votes didn't matter, the GOP wouldn't be working so hard to disenfranchise voters, and discourage them. VOTE OUT the GOP in November! You CAN do it.

    Governor Rick Scott... one of the most corrupt politicians in the US.

    Rick Scott makes ME 'cringe'

    Tampa Bay Times: Scott worst Florida governor in modern times

    Rick Scott's Medicare Fraud Business Worth Million's of Dollars Milked From Taxpayer's, But Still Elected as Governor of Florida....Mind Boggling!!

    Florida: Scott

    Rick Scott Controversies

    Let's return Rick Scott!

    Thanks for nothing Rick.

    Voting matters!! Get up, get out NOW & do what you need to do to be ready to vote 2014!!! ID ID ID ID!! Whatever it takes!!!

    Rick Scott up to more mischief and Floridians are the ones who suffer!!

    Democrats are known for thinking before they vote and not voting the line blindly, but you have to turn out to VOTE: City, County, Judges, School Board, Sheriff, Mid-Term, Presidential, etc. Freedom and Change starts from the bottom and rises up!!

    Progress Florida on Facebook Gov. Scott? Here's a reality check. Click "Share" to spread the truth about Scott's education record.

    Rick Scott puts Cronie Buddy in Charge of watching his Oil Company thats Fracking in Florida (No Special Interest Here)

    They know they can't win on their ideas so they have to keep Democrats from voting. Shame on them.