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Arwen Evenstar

ARWEN™ Vector Collage Poster created by lordoftherings.

Pretty teal blue glowing tree shining in a cave. Such a neat painting idea!

Tree glowing a bright shade of blue. Appears to be inside a cave. Possibly have the entire map inside a cave.

Arwen and Melian by Ebe

Melian with great-great-great-granddaughter Arwen. You know I think Melian would have actually been very sad meeting Arwen, especially since many thought Arwen looked like Luthien and they both died a mortal's death.

Owl Always Be Reading: Blog Tour + Giveaway + Book Review: The Queen of Blood by Sarah Beth Durst (Book #1 of the Queens of Renthia)

Tree House Revisited - what an amazing art! Reminds me of the tree homes of the Na'vi in Avatar but it is somehow more Tolkien inspired.

The Hobbit  Cant wait to see over the Christmas holidays!

Not only for The Hobbit but for the LOTR lego game as well!

Lord of the Rings Return of the King Action Figure Eowyn in Armor by Toy Biz. $22.86. Eowyn's helmet is removable. Place Eowyn's sword into her right hand and press the button on her back for sowrd-slashing action.. EOWYN in Armor Poseable Action Figure. Ages 5+. Originally released in 2003 and is now out of production.. Figure measures approximately 6 inches tall. Forbidden to join the Men of Rohan in battle by her uncle, King Theoden, Eowyn takes on the armour of a young soldi...

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King Action Figure - Eowyn in Armor

I'll be laughing at this for the next fifty years, thank you very much.

I really wish I had a short friend who is a Hobbit fan to send this to! <<<<<< unfortunately, I am the short friend.

Coolest Calvin & Hobbes mashup I've seen? Probably. From here: http://www.threadless.com/submission/407056/Bilbo_and_Gandalf

Bilbo and Gandalf as Calvin and Hobbes.or is that Calvin and Hobbes as Bilbo and Gandalf?

Beautiful art. And the fourth one really looks like Benedict Cumberbatch.

Incredible Watercolor ilustration of J.R Tolkien This is the most glorious “sketchbook” I’ve ever seen, it’s so well thought out and magnificent.

Иногда хочется улететь от всех проблем.......

Иногда хочется улететь от всех проблем.......

The lord of the Ring - "You bow to no one">>I'm like sure pippin was high for a good portion of lotr