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How will voters inform themselves on candidate policies with media coverage like this? In contrast, CBS used their time with Ryan to point out where he failed at facts.

“Pants on Fire” ~ Mitt Romney has been pushing two falsehoods that received media attention: •President Obama removed work requirement from welfare. •The health care reform bill “cuts” 716 billion from Medicare. According to our report, many mainstream media outlets debunked the false claims in much of their coverage. Unfortunately, Fox News and WSJ repeatedly failed to do so, and the AP corrected the false claims less than 50% of the time. (mediamattersforamerica)

All the lazy poor people in the whole country couldn't tank our economy this badly if they tried(or don't try). It's time people get angry about the real problem and it's not people on welfare who have nice phones.

Ryan did just what landed Martha Stewart in jail. Read all about it: