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Haji Abdullah stood on a mine in northern Iraq in 2010 while he was tending his sheep. "I have been through many wars and seen my community devastated many times," he said. "One landmine will not stop me!" Millions of landmines and unexploded bombs threaten lives and limbs in Iraq, and impede economic recovery. To date, MAG has cleared 74km² of land across northern Iraq, removing and destroying more than 164,000 landmines and 1.95 million items of UXO.

"I had my accident on my farm. I was hoeing the land when I hit a bombie. Everything went black. Villagers heard the explosion, but they couldn't find me. After a couple of hours, at two or three in the afternoon, they found me. I was very afraid, covered in blood and unable to move. One arm was gone, the other was in pieces." - cluster bomb accident survivor So Vanny. [Phom Padol village, Ratanakiri province, Cambodia]

Check out this story of survival in Laos, and support MAG - whose landmine clearing and risk education helps support the survivors and eliminate the risks!

Prosthetics for elephants who step on landmines left over from the Vietnam War on the border with Thailand and Cambodia

A major problem that Cambodia faces is landmines littered all over the country, especially in the rural areas. This is the legacy of three decades of war which has taken a severe toll on the Cambodians; it has some 40,000 amputees, which is one of the highest rates in the world.

world news - Syria has been accused of planting landmines near its borders as thousands of refugees try to escape the conflict.