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    Anne Hathaway on sex trafficking / Gloria Steinem

    • Ruth Gonzalez

      Can't we, as a society, stop objectifying women? Anne Hathaway on sex trafficking / Gloria Steinem. Kudos, Anne. Kudos.

    • Katie Seelinger

      Gloria Steinem on Women in Media and Anne Hathaway. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

    • Rachel Wong

      gloria steinem on anne hathaway, sex trafficking, & women in the media.... interesting.

    • Thea Alarcon

      [Anne Hathaway] learned everything she could about sex trafficking & prostitution to play Fantine & knew only too well that modern-day Fantines were probably living within blocks of the Academy Awards. As she said in her acceptance speech, Here's to hoping that someday in the not too distant future the misfortunes of Fantine will only be found in stories & never in real life. Did that get coverage? No. Instead the huge & expensive media beast speculated on her nipples. - Gloria Steinem #feminism

    • Melissa Donovan

      Gloria Steinem standing up for women and Anne Hathaway. #aspire

    • A .

      Yes. #GloriaSteinem #AnneHathaway #misogyny #feminism

    • Katie Kneisley

      Gloria Steinem on Women in Media and Anne Hathaway.

    • Lily Price

      Quote about Anne Hathaway from Gloria Steinem. Wow.

    • Charlotte Simmons

      #feminism #AnneHathaway #GloriaSteinem

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    Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person.

    Beautifully said; unfortunately, true.

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