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Ghost Stories

Coldplay 'Ghost Stories' Album Review | Album Reviews | Rolling Stone-cold play's new album June 2014... Not typical summer music but gorgeous anyway.

10 Southern Ghost Stories Guaranteed to Make you Shudder

The most notorious legends of the South’s spookiest specters – believe them, or not. There’s something about the chilly October air that makes the Halloween season a perfect time to share scary ghost stories. The South’s bizarre history, obscure happenings, and inexplicable circumstances provide the perfect setting for these scary stories. We’ve compiled some of the scariest Southern ghost stories that we could find in folklore and research. These may be real ghost stories, and they might…

The Girl “If you want military ghost stories just ask any military police that’s been around a while. We tend to see really weird crap late at night. Especially around places were there has been a lot of warfare and death. Like in Germany and in old hospitals. In Babenhausen, around the elementary school, there was always this particular area around the rear that would creep me the hell out when I would walk around doing security checks at night.

Ten Super-Spooky Ghost Stories To Keep You Awake At Night

We've read through your ghost stories and picked out ten of our favorites. Read on for tales of creepy photos, scary basements, a haunted daycare center, and one very, very unwelcome visitor.

This song gives me feelings about love, we drown in our own love for someone else, even though they are not worth it.

19 Creepy Ghost Photos That Will Give You Goosebumps

19 Creepy Ghost Photos That Will Give You Goosebumps - Gallery | eBaum's World