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Ashley LeMieux
Ashley LeMieux • 2 years ago

Fairies in a jar DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter 2. Seal the top with a lid. 3. Shake

  • Vicki Molina
    Vicki Molina • 2 years ago

    This was a mes......contents of glow stick were a teeny bit of liquid and a GLASS STICK!!!!!!!!!!! the glass stick is what has the glow solution in it. So, unless you want to cut glass....found out the hard way as I had broken glass and glow solution all over the kitchen floor.

  • Lady D
    Lady D • 2 years ago

    Here's a link to someone who actually did it -

  • Dawna Downey
    Dawna Downey • 2 years ago

    that was a huge mess and just crap. It looks nothing like the picture.

  • Theresa Vann-Stribling

    I would love to see the pics from anyone who got this to work!

  • Adrianne Herch
    Adrianne Herch • 1 year ago

    I just did this with my kids and some friends for a birthday party. While it does not look exactly like the example given, it was cool and the kids loved it! Glow sticks or "NON-TOXIC" for those of you who are calling it poison. FYI - put a lid on the jar, have you kids wash their hands, and let them have some fun!!!!!

  • Eve Novak
    Eve Novak • 1 year ago

    TOXIC AND DOESN"T WORK- See link to scientific data and toxicity information below. It's kindof neat, but it doesn't look like the picture. I was foolish enough to add water to the mixture because I wanted to create the effect in the picture and the jar began to emit a toxic smelling odor. http://www.jugglingwithatwi...

  • Brandy Collins
    Brandy Collins • 1 year ago

    Glow in the dark much more fun. My kids enjoyed "painting" everything outside and much less toxic!

  • Tamara Young
    Tamara Young • 1 year ago

    Just a little tip...what they are talking about is not glitter at all. I think this is where the confusion comes in and poor results. I purchased "Diamind Dust" at Michael's. It is in a different section than all of the glitters. It is more like crystals or small pieces of glass/plastic. The glow stick liquid adheres to the crystals when you shake it and it looks pretty great. Don't expect it to look exactly like the picture, but it really was pretty fun and my 14 year old daughter loved it and wants to bring the supplies for our next camping trip. Good luck everyone. I'll also be trying the glow in the dark paint soon! The brand of diamond dust I purchased was "FloraCraft". Happy crafting!

  • Kristina Dillon
    Kristina Dillon • 1 year ago

    I did these with a house full of kids on vacation last week and they loved it! I used cheap glow stick bracelets and put about three per jar. If you cut off both ends of the glow stick (after activating the glow) then it shakes into the jar much easier. I then added a little iridescent glitter, put the lid on, and shook. Even after they were no longer glowing the jars were still pretty. One of the moms actually cut the ends off the glowstick then cut them in half and stuck the whole thing in the jar for her young son to shake. That way she didn't have to worry about him making a mess or getting it on himself.

  • Stacie Westbrook
    Stacie Westbrook • 1 year ago

    Just did this tonight with my 3 1/2 year old daughter-so fun! We used dollar store glow sticks and glitter and she is ecstatic! The fairy jar has gone everywhere with her tonight! So fun!

  • Shirley Costa Grant
    Shirley Costa Grant • 1 year ago

    So wanna try this!!

  • ZoltanGal .
    ZoltanGal . • 1 year ago

    Very cool!

  • Kelly Lawrence
    Kelly Lawrence • 1 year ago

    So I think I am going to try the dollar tree version with my nieces this weekend before school starts on Monday :) and maybe with baby food jars.....

  • Elizabeth Regensburger-Gonzalez

    Tried it with my daughter just now with dollar tree glow sticks and regular glitter :( CAUTION: the glow stick liquid shot out everywhere- in my sink, on my clothes- one of the glow sticks was glass that wasn't good. It was oily and the glitter just stuck to it. Very disappointing and dangerous. Also a waste of $ and time. Photo shown above is a lie- and disappointing to children.

  • Sandra Taylor
    Sandra Taylor • 1 year ago

    We tried this today, and I was disappointed. Yes, the glow sticks made a mess, but it would have been worth it if the projects had turned out like the picture...they didn't. I think the secret is to buy the diamond/glamour dust at Michaels even though it is more expensive ($4.99) instead of using the cheaper glitter, like I did. The diamond dust will absorb the liquid from the glow sticks and result in it staying loose, while the glitter doesn't, which ends up with you just having a clump of glitter). I think we will try it again with the diamond dust to see if we get a better result. The kids still loved it!

  • Hannah W
    Hannah W • 1 year ago

    Did this for my birthday party! There were ten of us so we just bought two of the glow stick bracelets pack (they each have five) at the dollar store. Then we all took one, cut it in half ( or in thirds for the mini mason jars), put in mason jars (mini ones are brighter, normal ones are cool because they have a splatter effect), out the lid on, shook, and viola! After all the paint was out of the glow sticks we just opened the jars and dumped them out. Oh i forgot. We did this OUTSIDE. After you get the jars done you could come inside though. It was really cool having ten of these and everyone playing with them. (check out my Pinterest post or this one Yes the picture is fake but if you do it the way i have mentioned it is still really awesome! it would be cool to use more than one color though :)

  • Kelly Cook
    Kelly Cook • 1 year ago

    LOVE IT!

  • Lindsay Kelley
    Lindsay Kelley • 1 year ago

    "toxic smelling odor" cackle. it's not dangerous, it just tastes absolutely vile.

  • Tinsel Junk
    Tinsel Junk • 1 year ago

    This definitely worked for me. It turns out looking like all of the other photos on google images. the oil from the glowstick and the glitter coat the walls of the jar and a paint brush you can smear it to cover the jar equally.

  • Victoria Fulps Cromwell

    Add a piece of tulle (white or light) then use diamond/glamour dust instead of using glitter. The diamond dust will absorb the liquid from the glow sticks and both will attach to the tulle resulting in a fairie-like look.

  • Dave G
    Dave G • 1 year ago

    To Lindsay Kelley: it's very toxic and dangerous if handled incorrectly. Inside the glowsticks is a glass vial which when broken to mix the two chemicals, creates little sharp shards of glass. Wear gloves when attempting this project. It will never look like the photoshopped pic but you might get something fun out of it. Using plastic clear and colored crystals might enhance the effect.

  • Gail Buchanan
    Gail Buchanan • 1 year ago

    Kendra you'd do this for the same reason we caught lighting bugs when I was growing's fun and looks magical!

  • Trisha Warren
    Trisha Warren • 1 year ago

    I wore thick nitrile gloves, cut open the cyalume stick in the jar (8 oz Mason) and used diamond dust from Michaels. They were very pretty and lasted for about 5 hours - more than enough time for little kids. Next time I am going to try the suggestion about using a bit of tulle or veil netting in the jar - perhaps cut in triangles to resemble wings. My neighbor used wire hangers to make Lantern handles which the kids loved, as well.

  • Heather Cruse
    Heather Cruse • 1 year ago

    It 100% works; however the directions here are too vague. You need to be sure to make the glow stick glow first, then cut open the glow stick. Put the contents of the glow stick(s) in a jar and shake put the lid on & shake the glow all over the inside of the jar. THEN add glitter to the jar. diamond dust works better than glitter. The finer the "glitter" the better! I made a whole bunch for a night by a campfire and put them all along the walk way. They lasted about 3 hours.

  • Tabbitha Bell
    Tabbitha Bell • 1 year ago

    We made these they are so fun!! The girls love them!

  • Debbie Hintz
    Debbie Hintz • 52 weeks ago

    does not work

  • Megan Shields
    Megan Shields • 52 weeks ago

    for a better effect rather than it just sticking to the sides of the jar, use a net like toillie(incorrect spelling lol) place it in the jar and some of the glow stick specs will catch on and give it a very pretty touch. it makes it look like their suspended in the air. i love this diy project.

  • MYT CR8TiV
    MYT CR8TiV • 50 weeks ago

    Here is a real *Non-Photoshopped* version of this fairy jar with an actual picture of the end results ....

  • Amber Lynn
    Amber Lynn • 49 weeks ago

    It didn't work for us...

  • Debbie Godwin
    Debbie Godwin • 49 weeks ago

    It didn't work for us either!!!!

  • Elaine Mellon
    Elaine Mellon • 47 weeks ago

    this does work and is gorgeous although difficult to capture on camera. most pictures look too good or too bad. i bought tiny 4 oz mason jars from ace hardware (box of 12/$4. and 14" glow wands from dollar tree (in spring when 4th of july stuff first put out). i used an inexpensive palm size tube cutter i had previously purchased from home depot plumbing aisle to cut metal pipes to safely open. poured in contents. washed hands (left really bad odor on them). i personally found that dollar tree glow juice doesn't really stick all that long to sides of jar but glowing liquid at bottom of jar still gorgeous and lasted for hours. i plan to try diamond dust next after reading this line of comments. i bought jewelry wire to hang them from tree in courtyard where niece is having wedding. i'll follow up after june wedding and let you know how faerie tree worked out.

  • Elaine Mellon
    Elaine Mellon • 46 weeks ago

    i love when pseudo-intellectuals join a conversation to give you all of their perfect reasons for how something can't be done when they've never actually tried it, as happened earlier in this pin discussion. i added Diamond Dust(DD) which i purchased at Michael's. i found that when i added DD, one large Dollar Tree glow wand made 8 small jars glow! the DD absorbs the juice and acts like a coating of sugar. i left them in kitchen overnight and next morning, the DD still clung perfectly to sides. see my pinterest for pics!

  • Abigail Fee
    Abigail Fee • 41 weeks ago

    Photoshop this doesn't work Use glow in the dark paint instead

  • Elaine Mellon
    Elaine Mellon • 41 weeks ago

    it DOES. i don't know about original photo but my pics are not photoshopped. why do pseudo-intellectuals insist that other peoples pictures aren't real and discourage others from doing when they haven't tried themselves? weird.

  • Jana Hill
    Jana Hill • 35 weeks ago

    U have to have the DIAMOND glitter. NON toxic glow sticks not a mess.Cut each end set in the jar un till stuff runs out. I used regular glitter. Not as great bit kids loved it.Going to get Diamond Glitter at Michaels and do it again. I used baby food jars. Inexpensive fun for kids!!!!

  • Elaine Mellon
    Elaine Mellon • 35 weeks ago

    Jana, i used small flat bottom bowl as pestle and small plate and really crushed the DD further. try it both ways and see which way you like better.

  • David Cowsert
    David Cowsert • 35 weeks ago

    I did it with 4 cheap glow sticks and regular gold glitter. I had a smaller jar--about the size of a baby food jar. It doesn't look like the photo above of course, but it looks pretty cool and my daughters thought it was wonderful. I activated the glow sticks before cutting them and simply cut one end off of each one carefully with a pocketknife (something sharper and safer would be better). I had no spills, not even of glitter. The whole jar glows and there is a layer about 1/2 inch deep of glow fluid. The little glass from the inside of the glow sticks just went in with the rest and doesn't seem to detract from the effect. Some of the glitter is up on the walls of the jar and provides a nice effect though it's not the extra glow the photo suggests. Cool project and I'll probably do it again.

  • Marcella Scott
    Marcella Scott • 34 weeks ago

    please tell me how to find the liquid for the jars. I haven't found any that work yet. thanks

  • Jana Hill
    Jana Hill • 34 weeks ago

    The glow sticks dont last long and by the time kids took them home from daycare were not glowing anymore :(

  • Jo Rempfer
    Jo Rempfer • 34 weeks ago

    I made these 3 times. Can't get it to work.

  • Jana Hill
    Jana Hill • 34 weeks ago

    it worked for awhile

  • Cindi Lus
    Cindi Lus • 33 weeks ago

    Tried it . Sorry to say it didn't work . Was excited to show my Grand daughter her Nana found her some fairies but like I said . It did not work .

  • Jana Hill
    Jana Hill • 33 weeks ago

    It worked but glow only lasted for a short tiime.

  • Sherie Galante
    Sherie Galante • 33 weeks ago

    from what I'm seeing online, you can get the same effect with glow in the dark paint.Then you can "recharge" and reuse. Going to experiment and will let you know. I have also seen some that you can add a small LED light to the inside of the lid :) love the idea of these!

  • Lynnsie Pfaff
    Lynnsie Pfaff • 27 weeks ago

    Do you add water?!

  • Brianne Moats
    Brianne Moats • 27 weeks ago

    that's cool

  • virginia shay
    virginia shay • 22 weeks ago

    how much if this diamond glitter dust do u use?

  • Cynthia Diosdado
    Cynthia Diosdado • 15 weeks ago

    I haven't actually tried this but the real pictures with the glow in the dark paint looks way better. It seems more time consuming but it recharges in light.

  • Cynthia Fisher Adams
    Cynthia Fisher Adams • 12 weeks ago

    We are going to try this with our daughter because she is such a Tinkerbell fan. For those of you who are apparently expecting the results to look like the picture above, don't be disappointed that it doesn't. If you will take a close look at the picture, you will see that it is Photoshopped for "marketing" type purposes. You can tell the "fairies" above are too picture-perfect, plus the jar she is holding doesn't even have a lid on it. If the end result even remotely looks like fairies and it makes my daughter smile, it is well worth it.

  • Abi Cornwall
    Abi Cornwall • 5 weeks ago

    Acht. This was a CRUSHING disappointment (for me) and mildly disappointing for the kids! I don't know why I did this without reading anybody else's comments, but there you go. I added normal glitter (not sure Diamond Dust is a thing in the UK is it?!), then a bit of glycerine, then water, then tried to 'pour' glow sticks in. We ended up with sticks of glass and clumped glitter lying at the bottom of the jar. I thought 'I know! I'll add some food colouring'. The kids all decided they wanted orange food colouring. In the end, we made 3 jars of tramps urine. I want to try it again but I don't know if I can face it! Am well impressed with you peeps that persevered and got it to work - good on ya! x ♥

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