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No-glue treat box

No Glue Treat & Favor Boxes

No-Glue Treat Box can be used for a variety of tiny treats. I’ve even seen these being used as Advent Calendars – with a number on each box and a new treat or message inside.

With a circle hand punch, make holes in flattened box. Make two paper liners, one 8 by 1 7/8 inches, the other 6 by 1 7/8 inches. Score liners with bone folder at 2-inch intervals; slip inside box to cover all sides. Tie with rayon cording or ribbon

A hand punch makes these cheerful dots (and a lot of confetti), while paper lining makes them stand out. With a circle hand punch, make holes in a flattened box. Then make two paper liners to slip inside the box covering all sides.

DIY: hexagonal gift boxes (free printable template)

DIY: hexagonal gift boxes (free printable template) Apologies for the large size files and so slow load times. I am still trying to find a way to reduce them further.

free printable DIY cupcake stand...you could always use the printout as a template and cut out of whatever paper you like!

Mini Paper Cupcake Stand (free file) Lots of other stuff on the pdf but all I needed to print was page 8 for the cupcake stand.

DIY Jewelry Create your own Flower Tab Gift Boxes out of paper! Perfect for gifting jewelry or party favors.