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These 10 DIY recipes for natural healing are easy to whip up with common household ingredients to fight everything from muscle pain to the flu.

Heal Thyself: 10 (More!) DIY Recipes for Colds, Wounds & More

Recipe for Black Drawing Salve: 6 tablespoons infused olive oil* 2 tablespoons castor oil 2 teaspoons beeswax 3 teaspoons activated charcoal 3 teaspoons clay (kaolin or bentonite) 30 drops lavender, 15 drops tea tree

❤Sage is a commonplace herb used throughout the world for both culinary and medicinal purposes.❤ by jaclyn

❤There are various types of sage. Some sage is considered Sacred Medicine for many Native American Tribes. Sage, depending on the type, is also used throughout the world for both culinary and medicinal purposes.

How to Stock Your Holistic Home Remedy Kit - Holistic Squid

how to stock your HOLISTIC Home remedies/remedy kit. essential herbs/oils, etc. for natural healing Natural medicine, natural rememdies, homeopathy

Free Herbal Resources theherbalacademy.com/

The Herbal Academy collaborates with a diversity of herbalists to create an online herbal school that presents many herbal traditions and points of view.


Witch Hazel – 10 Amazing Healing Benefits

Witch hazel, also known as winterbloom or spotted alder, is actually a flowering shrub common in North America. Witch hazel is cheap and effective.


Substitute OTC Drugs with Essential Oils

Peppermint has a strong, clean, fresh, minty aroma. One of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion.

12 Herbs and Spices for Depression (and Resources)

12 Herbs and Spices for Depression (and Resources

12 Herbs and Spices for Depression: Nutmeg (link includes: medicinal info and culinary uses) Saffron Lemon Balm Skullcap Vervain Lavender St. John’s Wort Passionflower Hawthorn Berries Rosemary Licorice Borage

Queen Afua Heals

Natural Pharmaceutical Counterparts" I am ALL FOR natural remedies! This is an AWESOME chart! The closer you get to nature, the better for your body!