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I want a cute picture like this with my child.

Parenting isn't always easy but our children grow so quickly we need to cherish and enjoy every moment.

Liam Neeson. be still my heart. it's okay that I'm attracted to dark foreigners with accents... I mean, I married one :)

The cigarette totally ruins the picture. But there is no denying that Liam Neeson is the white equivalent to Denzel. Male actor, hand, beard, portrait, photo b/w.

A great article from ESQUIRE. A perfect way to interview someone, write about it, without any plans to "sugar the story up".  He told it exactly as it was, as it should be.

Liam Neeson: A Tough Bastard

Liam Neeson - Ever since Rob Roy.This was a hard one to place.a bit of eye candy as well. : ) Male actor, hand, portrait, photo b/w.

Natasha Richardson with Husband, Liam Neeson.

{*Beautiful photo of Natasha Richardson & Husband, Liam Neeson, So deverstating for Liam to Loose his Beautiful wife so young :( they were so in love :( RIP Natasha*}

Mac's father Jack Lane, getting ready to kick some tail and try to get her back to the US. - Fever Series, Karen Marie Moning.   Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is my inspiration for Kevin Kingston, Elise, Ava and Bree's dad. My husband always joked that Liam Neeson reminds him of my father. So, its perfect, b/c Mr. Kingston is based off of my own father

Mac's father Jack Lane, "protected" (for Mac) and held hostage (against Mac) inside the Nine's Nightclub, Fever Series, Karen Marie Moning.   Liam Neeson (actor- Taken, Unknown, and Batman Begins)

Liam Neeson as Macbeth! His role in "Taken" shows his sensitivity turning into anger and rage.